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The employees of Poundland Myview can check their payslips & salary slips on the internet from My Poundland’s official site that’s www.mypoundland.co.uk.

Payslip is a valid document that you could use in several ways such as to find the loan in the bank and reveal your link involving a business or organization.

Payslips assist the worker to understand the general salary charge in his/her accounts. Additionally, you can check details such as payday, spending time, PF, and a lot of other private particulars.

Poundland MyView portal helps its worker to find complete information about their accounts & occupation.

Poundland Payslip Online at mypoundland.co.uk

Poundland people hub’s official site offers online services to each of its companies and workers. It is possible to benefit from this online web portal to look at your monthly payslip, wages, and other private information.

To check these details you want to login into your account. To log in to your accounts, you will need your Surname and Colleague number to check the payslip details on the internet.

If you don’t have a colleague number then get in touch with your supervisor/manager to offer you your colleague/employee number.

Here are the measures for login into my Poundland account. Follow these basic actions to acquire the Poundland wage slips on the web.

STEP 1. Visit the official website of Poundland Myview. Here is the link www.mypoundland.co.uk.

Poundland MyView
Poundland MyView

STEP 2. Once you click on the above link the portal appears on your screen. Now enter your login credentials (your surname and colleague number).

STEP 3. After entering your login details click on the login button.

STEP 4. When After this you will be redirected to your account. Now click on View Payslips from your account.

Poundland Helpful Webpages

Poundland has various helpful web pages for its customers and employees. Here I, am talking about Poundland’s colleague’s helpful web pages.

Below given direct web pages help you to retrieve your personal pay data easily from the official Poundland payslip portal. But it can be possible when you pass the correct login credentials(surname and colleague number).

Poundland retail company workers are facilitated by its payroll solution service. For this service, the company developed a helpful login web page, for direct login, or fetching personal information online.

Poundland MyViewVisit Here
MyView Poundland Portalhttps://www.mypoundland.co.uk/

Poundland Myview Colleague Number

The colleague number is an exceptional/unique number that distinguishes employees from other workers. This is the unique identification number that’s provided only for you. All workers have an exceptional colleague number.

So to login into my view Poundland accounts, you need to have your colleague’s number and surname.

These credentials can help to check your payslip and other private information from the official web portal of my Poundland people hub.

You’ll get a colleague number from your manager. Your department supervisor/manager will provide you, with your colleague’s number which you may utilize to login into your Poundland profile.

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Each of the workers of Poundland who have some query concerning the payslip can comment here and ask their questions. Here are the usual questions which are often asked by the employees.

How to view Poundland Payslip online?

Poundland offers an internet facility to each of its workers to view or obtain the payslip online from the official portal. Log in to a Poundland my view portal to check the payslip. Visit the site and log in via your colleague’s number and surname and then check or print the payslip from your profile.

Where is my nearest store?`

Visit Poundland Store Finder and enter your town or postcode into the box and then click the”GO” button. You’ll be supplied with a listing of those five Poundland stores closest to the postcode which you just entered.

About Poundland

Poundland is a private limited company and in 1990 Poundland opened its first shop in Burton Upon Trent. The organization was founded by Dave Dodd and Steven Smith.

Poundland is among the largest retail business in the UK. The headquarter of Poundland is located in Willenhall, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Within this time company has its shops throughout the UK. By launching its first shop in 1990 and today it’s situated in over 800 locations. Daily Thousands of customers visit the Poundland Stores.

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  1. After login to login page where we pass the surname and colleague number then we landed to colleague portal then again when we click my payments – it asks for payroll number and password but it never accepts the passwords and even “click reset password via email” functionality is not working.
    i didn’t received the password on mail.

    what to do didn’t know, can some one help please.

  2. I have been trying to login with my surname and colleague number but it does not accept it. I still to this day have not received my email fro My view at all. This is uneacceptable.


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