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Kallidus Boots Learning or say Boots eLearning portal ( allows you to log in here using your username and password for Kallidus learn and e-learning courses.

The Boots Academy members of WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance) assist to sign in at Boots eLearning software for learning and development.

Boots Learning login portal is designed to provide the best training approaches to its trainers. WBA members are you using the elearning application, if yes then know very well how to use it.

New WBA members, sign in at Boots e-Learning application to have high levels of skills and knowledge, and care.

Boots Learning Login

Kallidus Boots application users know very well how to sign in at the Boot eLearning portal, but if you are going to log in the first time, you need to know about the Boots e-Learning official login page, and how to login at the boots e-learning page.

STEP 1. Visit the Boots eLearning Portal at

STEP 2. The link can redirect you to the Boots Login page.

STEP 3. On this page enter your Username and Password.

Boots Learning
Boots Learning

STEP 4. Tap in the login option.

STEP 5. Finally, the portal should grant you access to your Boots e-Learning account.

E-LearningVisit Here
BootsLearning Website

Reset the Boots eLearning Account Login Password

Have you forgotten your Boots e-Learning account login password? Let’s reset it. To reset your BootsLearning sign-in password you need your username.

If you have this then follow the given reset instruction.

  1. Go to the Boots e-Learning login page(
  2. Here you will see a Forgotten your password? text link. Click on it.
  3. Now you will redirect to the Reset password request page.
  4. Here enter your username.
  5. Click on the Continue.
  6. Further instructions will show on your system, follow them to complete the reset request.
Forgotten your Password?Reset Here

Boots Learning Login Portal Benefits

In order to learn about the benefits of the eLearning login portal, it is imperative to know about the features or tools available at the portal. The reason is that it is these features that enable the portal to offer employees benefits.

However, you can learn about these features or tools once you visit the Boots learning and development portal. On second thought, you can read the following list which tells you about the benefits and can also give you a general idea about the features mentioned here.

  • Boots Login service is restricted to authorized users only i.e., Boots employees.
  • The portal offers a secure connection, security, and privacy to protect user information.
  • Boots e-Learning login can give you access to your Boot learning account and the details within.
  • Boots employees once they log in can check out their Boots schedule, report, and more.
  • At the portal, you can click on Forgotten Your Password if you need to reset your Boots e-Learning login.
  • New users can use the Register option to set up a new account.

Boots Learning Academy Benefits For Employees

Under the Boots e-Learning and Development program, the company offers a number of different courses. Hence, this provides interested individuals a considerable options to choose from. As per normal Boots employee benefits are concerned there are a number of them within the benefits and perks package such as:

  • Entitlement to paid vacation annually.
  • Sick leave, maternity, and paternity leave facilities.
  • Post-retirement flexible pension plans.
  • Boots colleague discounts for different Boots products and services.
  • Employee wellbeing benefits such as insurance coverage plan.
  • Boots learning and development program for personal development.

Boots Learning Contact Number

If you are looking for Boots e-learning Kallidus helpdesk contact details or Boots e-learning contact number then you have come to the right page.

So, if you want to be sure that you have the correct official Boots learning and development support number then take note of the contact information down below.

  • Phone Number: 0115 950 6111.
  • Customer Care Number0345 070 8090

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How to register online for the Boots Learning service?

Self-registration service is available for Boots Learning online service. Kallidus’s online registration process is given below. You just follow them step-by-step and register your details to make a Login ID for Boots e-Learning.

1. Step: Visit
2. Step: Here at the Boots learning login page you see a self-register page.
3. Step: Click on register to start the self-registration process.
4. Step: Now you will redirect to the self-registration page. Fill it out carefully.
5. Step: Click on submit.

Further instruction will receive on the submitted email address. Follow them to complete the self-registration task.

Can I able to change my Boots learning account password?

Yes, if you want to change your password due to any reason, via forgotten your password self-service you are able to make a new password.


Boots learning login system is easy to access by all the registered users, if you are new to Boots eLearning portal then, this article will support you for first-time login. Here in this article you also know how to reset the password and how to register online.

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