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The online Boots eLearning portal offers employees a great opportunity for self-development. And in order to avail of the services of the Boots Academy employees just register on the Boots learning portal. Once registered employees will be able to complete Boots e-learning login and get their e-learning information.

So, every registered user should have every information with respect to Boots e-learning login. But if you are one of the employees having trouble acquiring information then we are here to help you.

It would be safe to say that the aim is to ensure that each and every individual has reliable information. Furthermore, this article extensively covers every topic related to Boots e-learning.

Hence, to know about Boots Academy login password reset or e-learning register you need to read this article. Along with these details also get to know the Boots e-learning contact details that can help you get in touch with the helpdesk.

Boots eLearning Login For Employees

As per the instructions, only those employees who can complete the Boots e-learning academy login follow the rules. In other words, as a registered user, you must abide by the procedure that has been put in place.

Now, the portal instructs employees to enter their usernames and password for verification. So, if you want to log in then make sure that your username and password are correct.

Finally, to successfully log in, a specific process must be followed. Therefore, with your username and password you will have to;

  • Go to the Boots e-earning login portal at
  • To visit the Boots Academy just tap on the link above.
  • Once the portal opens enter your Username and Password.
Boots Learning
Boots Learning
  • You then have to click on the Login option.
  • Finally, your Boots e-learning login will be complete.
Boots Learning LoginVisit Here
Boots e-Learning Website

Boots Learning Login Password Reset

This section contains detailed information on how to reset Boots e-learning forgotten password. So, if you have been unable to log in due to an incorrect password then here we are offering you a solution.

Many users who are registered with the Boots Academy portal are unable to log in due to incorrect passwords. And as you already know that without the correct password, you cannot log in.

So, when such times arise the following instructions will prove to be the solution. Along with these instructions, also make sure that you can provide the necessary details. Now, then for a successful Boots, Kallidus password reset just;

  • Visit the Boots e-learning portal at
  • You will be redirected to the login page.
  • Here click on Forgotten Your Password.
  • A new page will be displayed on your screen.
  • Here you have to enter your Username.
  • Then click on Continue to proceed.
  • Once verified the portal provides you with further instructions.
  • So, follow those instructions accordingly to reset your password.

Boots eLearning Academy Registration for New User

As mentioned at the beginning of this article that only Boots employees can register at the Boots e-learning portal. So, if you are an employee who wants to register for career development then learn the process of Boots e-learning Academy registration.

First, all employees can register online, so you will need a laptop or a computer with an internet connection. Secondly, you will be asked to provide details such as your name, and email id among others.

This information is mandatory for every registration. Hence, make sure you have an active email account especially. Once you have all the detail you can then finally proceed to register by;

  • Visiting the Boots e-learning portal for employees at
  • You will be redirected to the Login portal.
  • Here click on the Register option.
  • Now the Boots Kallidus registration portal will be displayed.
  • Here enter your Email Id, and Create Password.
  • Then enter your First Name and Last Name respectively.
  • You can then tap on the Submit option.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation text on your email account.
  • Once you receive the confirmation you can then log in at the Boots Kallidus portal.

Boots Academy e-Learning Login For Employee Benefits

  • Boots e-learning offers online development courses.
  • Provided access to a personal account.
  • User-friendly functions, and features.
  • Ensures the security and privacy of each registered user.
  • 24/7 accessibility to the desired information.
  • Detailed report of the progress of the individual.
  • Online training completion certificates.

Boots e-Learning Contact Number

Along with the information on how to access boots e-learning, we also want you to have the Boots Kallidus contact details. This contact information will help you when you are facing login troubles, or have inquiries.

So, next time when you cannot find any solution to your problems with respect to Boots training just contact the helpdesk. The contact information that you will find below will help you to contact the support desk.

Boots e-Learning Phone Number: 44- 345-074-4114.


Finally, make sure that you are able to extract as much information as you can from this article. And do not shy away to comment below to get more information on Boots eLearning for employees or Boots Kallidus.

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