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How can I view or print my IRIS (OpenEnrol/ Openpayslips) salary receipt from There are two ways to check your payslips first via the IRIS Open Payslips website and second via iPhone, Android, and Windows phone apps. The digital payslip delivery electronically especially made to facilitate its working staff.

Employees of IRIS are eligible to view and print his/ her old to new weekly, monthly, and yearly payslips online(24*7 hours). On the official portal, employees can log in, register & password recover to view, check, and print their e-payslips.

The IRIS online platform facilitates its employee’s automatic enrollment and payslips services. OpenPayslips is a new way to distribute payslips to employees. All payslip information is taken directly from the payroll software and displayed exactly how payslips are usually seen.

IRIS Open Payslips Login at

IRIS Openpayslip gives easy and smart access to present and historical payment information to the employer and employee. Let’s see how to log in on 

Listen, guys log in and are careful, Your login will be illicit, if you enter the wrong user id or password. So it is important to have the pertinent details.

Here in this heading, I am going to share step by the step Login process.

STEP 1. Kindly visit the OpenPayslip portal at

STEP 2. Now click on the green color login button.

STEP 3. Hereafter you will see a login form fill it out by entering your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

IRIS Payslips
IRIS Payslips

STEP 4. After entering the correct login details click on login instead of Cancel.

STEP 5. If you entered the correct login details then, you should be able to view your IRIS Payroll details.

IRIS Open PayslipsView Here
Official Website

IRIS Payslip Login Password Recovery Steps

Let’s see how to recover or reset the forgotten password of OpenPayslip. Employees and Employers if you forget your password you can get it again in a few minutes.

Every forgotten password can be recovered, or rather a new password can be created. If you forget your password you can create a new one.

STEP 1. Visit the IRIS open payslips website(

STEP 2. Click on the login option.

STEP 3. Now click on “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” which shows at the bottom of the login form.

STEP 4. Enter your username or email address.

STEP 5. Now click on the RESET option. The website will send the password recovery link to the email address.

STEP 6. After receiving the activation link, click on it to complete your IRIS payslips reset password process.

IRIS Openpayslips Employee Registration

Online registration on the official OpenPayslip portal becomes very beneficial to all the working staff. After registering himself/ herself you have to permit 24/7 access to present and past pay details and print and reprint your payslips whenever you need them.

Now get the benefit of IRIS online registration services. The online registration process is very simple and easy and completed in a few minutes.

Follow the given below registration steps to register yourself.

STEP 1. Visit

STEP 2. Select the option that says “TRY NOW”

STEP 3. The registration portal will open. now fill up the form with the respective information.

STEP 4. Click on the CREATE button.

STEP 5. Hereafter you will receive an activation link to the registered email address.

STEP 6. Open your email(using in registration) Verify your email by clicking an activation link.

STEP 7. Now your IRIS Payslip employee registration is complete.

IRIS Payslips Mobile App

IRIS has introduced a mobile app for Android, iPhone/ iPad, and Windows phones. Employees just install this mobile app to instantly view their e-payslips. The ITIS OpenPayslip app is easily available on the App Store and Google Play. To install the app you just type the OpenPayslips in the stores.

You will now be able to view your payslip/P60/pension information via this app also.

Ways to view IRIS Digital Payslip electronically:

  • Android App
  • iPhone/ iPad App
  • Windows Phone App
  • IRIS OpenPayslips or OpenEnrol website


In the final section of our article, we are going to try to answer some questions related to the IRIS payroll. So we hope that with these questions we can offer assistance to concerned readers.

How do I view to save and print my IRIS digital payslip?
Here I am going to share the best way to view old and new digital payslips from First of all, you should log in. After the successful login, you will see your payment information. When you open your payslip then you have seen either the SAVE or PRINT option.

Can I reprint my payslips?
Yes, You can print and reprint your payslips whenever you need them. The service is available 24/7 hours.

Do I have to use OpenPayslips?
The company provides both paper and electronic payslips, it’s the employee’s choice what he/ she wants. If you want to receive e-payslips then it’s easily available online. But if you want a paper payslip then please contact your payroll team.

How long are my IRIS payslips stored?
IRIS employees’ payslips will be stored on the IRIS payroll portal until you leave the company.

IRIS Payslips Portal

The time is to print, and emailing payslips is over now. An online e-payslips solution is being developed now. At this time we have a very fast delivery of payment information. Electronic system/ software is ready to generate digital payslips, P60s, and pensions online.

Visit the official website or app enter the relevant dates and click either ‘Data Export (CSV)’ or ‘Print View’ to create the report in that particular format.

IRIS OpenPayslips payroll portal is very secure it helps the employee to check their payslip online anytime and everywhere. It helps to automate and streamline the P60 delivery process.

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