IRIS Payslips Login Online

IRIS developed an online web portal for its employees and client that helps them to view the IRIS payslips and access their all details from one location. This online web portal is known as IRIS Open Payslips

This portal enables you to provide all your automatic enrolment communication and payslips details in a single place. All the employers can provide their employees payslips with the help of IRIS Payslips software.

Once you updated or publish payslips from your IRIS Payroll software then your employees can view all historic and current payslips. They do not need to visit the office to access the payslip. They can check the IRIS payslip via their smartphone, laptop & desktop, and any other electronic devices. 

The online process of viewing payslip from the IRIS Open payroll software helps you to save your time, money and also help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

IRIS Open Payslips Login

The IRIS Open Payslips portal helps employees to access their payslips 24/7 and also they can access communications in one location. This is a secure web portal and saves your time and money.

In case you are new and don’t know how to log in at IRIS open Payslips portal then here is the complete guide. 

STEP 1. To access your payslip via IRIS first of all visit the official portal i.e

STEP 2. On the homepage of the IRIS, you will get the Login option click on that Login link.

STEP 3. Now a new window will open.

IRIS Payslips
IRIS Payslips

STEP 4. Now enter your Username and password.

STEP 5. Next click on the Login button to complete the sign-in.

STEP 6. Now from your IRIS dashboard, you can check historic or current payslips. 

IRIS Open PayslipsView Here
IRIS Payslips

How To Reset IRIS Payslips Login Password?

Employees and team members of IRIS who forgot their IRIS Openpayslips login password, they all can reset the password easily from the IRIS payroll portal.

The IRIS enables you to reset the password by following the given steps.

  • Visit
  • On the homepage click on Login.
  • Now on the login page click on Forgot your password? link.
  • Next, a password reset page will open.
  • Now enter your username(Email ID) and click on Reset.
Forgot Your Password?Reset Here

IRIS Payslip Registration Online

All the colleagues and employees who want to take advantage of the IRIS open Payroll portal then before accessing the portal you need to complete your registration.

If you are new at the IRIS and don’t know the registration process then here is the complete guide to complete your registration. You need Some credentials that are required to complete your registration.

Some details that are marked are necessary for completing your registration.

  1. Visit
  2. On the homepage click on Try Now.
  3. Now a registration page will open.
  4. Now enter all the required details such as Organisation name, address, postcode, Telephone, Contact Email, and click on Create.
  5. Then next create your password and follow the instruction you will get via email.
  6. After completing the registration an activation link will be sent to your mail address to confirm your details. 
Registration LinkVisit Here

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Benefits of Working With IRIS

850K employees are managed by the IRIS payroll software and over 21K accountancy firms use IRIS applications. So you will get many advantages by choosing the IRIS.

IRIS offers you many benefits such as:

  • Holiday Allowance
  • Life Insurance
  • Private Healthcare
  • Income Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Pension With NI
  • Competitive Pay and Bonus
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Discounted Schemes

About IRIS

IRIS is a software solution and service provider in the United Kingdom. IRIS simply the lives of schools, organizations, and businesses by providing software solutions. IRIS providing its services for 40 years in the market. These services help businesses to grow and enhance productivity.

IRIS is previously known as Transaction Technology. The IRIS software group was founded by David Guest.

IRIS hires the best people in their company and IRIS see their peoples/employees as their greatest asset. The people of IRIS help the company to be an innovative, high-performing company and market-leading provider in the United Kingdom. 

Final Words

In this article, you got the complete guide about the IRIS Payslips Login, registration, and password reset. In case you have any query then you can contact to the Team Leader or HR department.

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