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Anchor eLearning portal launched by Anchor Hanover Group offers online e-learning courses for their colleagues. In fact, the courses are available only to Anchor Hanover colleagues.

Similarly, the website of Anchor Hanover Training viz., provides online services related to the Anchor Hanover training courses but most importantly for personalized account management.

In order to restrict unwanted or unauthorized visitors, the e-learning Anchor Hanover login page depends upon login credentials for user verification. This way only Anchor staff can use the portal as the gateway to their personal account, e-learning information, etc.

Colleagues enrolled in the Anchor e Learning program from the login portal can obtain Anchor e-learning resources, Anchor Hanover training courses, upcoming training calendar, training progress certificates, performance assessment records, etc.

Anchor e Learning Login Requirements

The learning platform has been designed to grant access on the basis of user identification. And such a provision is key to restricting access to unauthorized visitors.

Hence, the Anchor staffs need to produce the following login credentials to ascertain their authorization.

  • Username
  • Password

Anchor eLearning Portal Academy Login

As an exclusive learning platform, its services are accessible strictly through user login. Hence, each user/staff must log in personally.

Now, to log in every user shall obey the login guidelines and act accordingly. And the login guidelines require the users to;

  • Firstly, visit the login page via the Anchor eLearning portal at
  • On the login page, your Username/Email Address & Password should be provided.
Anchor eLearning
Anchor eLearning
  • After entering the login credentials you can tap on the login option.
  • Finally, post verification, the portal will grant you access to your Anchor eLearning account.
Login PageVisit Here
Official Website

How To Reset Anchor Academy eLearning Login Password?

In addition to the Academy eLearning login, the website is also developed with other facilities such as password reset features.

The primary objective of offering such a facility is to enable users to reset forgotten login passwords.

So, if any Anchor Colleague needs to reset his/her login password then you should proceed:

  • By visiting
  • At the homepage and below the Anchor Login field there will be an option.
  • Forgotten Your Password? Click Here to Reset, So tap on the blue highlighted option.
  • Wait for the portal to redirect you to a new page.
  • On this page, the user has to provide the login Email Address and click on Reset Password.
  • Finally, the rest of the instructions will be sent to the email address.

Anchor Hanover eLearning New User Registration

There are important points that the users must remember when it comes to Anchor e-Learning registration.

Firstly, during registration the details mentioned below are mandatory. And, secondly, registration must be done in accordance with the official procedure.

  • First Name & Last Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Active Contact Number.

With the above-mentioned you can finally begin your Anchor registration for which you need to pay a visit;

  • Visit the Anchor e-learning portal.
  • Click on the Register option once you have reached the homepage.
  • On the next page fill up the fields with appropriate details.
  • Confirm your Password.
  • Finally, tap on Create New Account.

Anchor Hanover Support Number

If there ever comes a time when you need to talk to a professional regarding e-learning problems, then you should contact the support center.

So, you should at least save the contact details mentioned below.

  • Helpdesk Number: 0345-601-1692
  • Support Email Address:

Anchor e-Learning Portal Benefits For Trainees

The Anchor my learning platform is designed to create an online learning environment for Anchor colleagues.

However, to make online e-learning even more convenient and user friendly it offers the following benefits;

  • No, restriction over access to Anchor e-learning.
  • So, colleagues can visit the portal and log in 24/7.
  • Hence, details related to Anchor learning, resources, and contents can be accessed.
  • Anchor Hanover’s schedule, timesheet, and attendance record can be viewed.
  • Users can enroll in a new eLearning course.
  • Trainee personal performance record will be provided, certificate, grades, etc.

More Guide

About Anchor Hanover Group

Anchor Hanover Group, founded in 2018, in England, UK provides housing and care for old-age people in England. The headquarter of Anchor is located in Bradford, England, UK.

The foundation of Anchor was a result of a merger between Anchor Trust and Hanover Housing Association in November 2018.

Anchor is a charitable housing association registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. The Care Quality Commission and Regulator of Social Housing are responsible for regulating Anchor.


How do I find My Learning Anchor Forgotten Username?

You can call or email the e-learning support center, in case you forgot your username and need to recover it.

How can I download the Anchor e-learning course certificate?

Since to download your certificate it is necessary to first access your account with Anchor login. When you have accessed your account;

  • Go to the Results/Certificates option.
  • You can open the record with a simple click.
  • Select the certificate your need to download.
  • Once the certificate opens tap on the Download option.


Anchor Hanover Colleagues should have proper knowledge about the Anchor e-learning login, registration, etc. to use the e-learning platform for their interest. So, every point that a trainee should be aware of has been mentioned in this article.

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