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Visit the PMP payslip portal i.e. to access PMP Online payslips. PMP provides recruitment services to all the companies according to their needs. PMP checks the staffing needs of the company and then provides a flexible workforce to the company that helps them to grow.

PMP also provides permanent recruitment that helps PMP to attract and deliver talented people. Permanent selection is based on the individual’s skills, personality traits, experience, and qualifications. 

PMP Recruitment employe 2000 temporary and around 500 full & part-time employees. All the PMP employees who are working with the PMP recruitment group and want to check their monthly or weekly payslips, then visit the official PMP payslip portal.

PMP recruitment agency developed an online payroll portal special for PMP employees. From the online PMP recruitment payslip portal, all the working staff of PMP can check their PMP online payslips & work-related details. 

Required Credentials For PMP Online Payslip

To sign in at the PMP online payslip website you need some login credentials such as Userid, Password, and Token. 

What Is UserID? 

UserID is your login ID and it is different-2 for the Mobile worker and client worker. If you are a mobile worker then your UserID will be company prefix and your payroll number. 

If you are a client worker then your User ID and password will be printed on your last payslip. 

NOTE: Register at the PMP payslip website or in your branch before login at the PMP payslips website. If you are confused and don’t have the login details then contact your administrator for your login credentials. 

What is Token?

If you are a client or mobile worker then you do need a Token to Sign in to your account. 

All the other users who have been issued tokens then you need this token every time you sign in at the PMP website. 

PMP Payslip Online

The official web portal of the PMP group allows its employees to access their PMP payslip online from the website. This is the official payroll portal of the PMP.

From this website, you can print or view your payslip with a single click. But before signing in at this portal you need to complete your registration. 

Here are the steps to log in that will help you to access the payslips. 

STEP 1. Visit the official PMP payroll portal i.e.

STEP 2. On the homepage, you will get a sign-in form. Now enter your User ID, Password and Token.

PMP Payslip
PMP Payslip

STEP 3. Click on the Sign In button.

STEP 4. Now from your PMP dashboard check your monthly payslip details.

PMP PayslipView Here
PMP Website

How To Reset PMP Payslips Login Password?

Many times the employees of PMP forgot their login password and without the right login credentials you can not sign in at the official PMP portal. So to solve this problem PMP provides a password reset option on their sign-in page.

By following the given steps you can reset your password easily.

  • Visit PMP portal i.e.
  • On the login page click on forgotten password.
  • On the next page you will get password reset page.
  • Now enter your UserID, Date of Birth, National Insurance Number and postcode.
  • Then create your new password and at last click on Reset Password.
Forgotten Password?Reset Here

PMP First Visit Registration

All the PMP employees who want to register at the PMP website then you can register online and offline for getting an advantage of the PMP online payslip.

PMP provides you the facility to register at your local branch or online. If you have any confusion then it’s better to register at your local branch. Now here are the steps for online registration.

  1. Visit
  2. On the homepage click on First Visit Registration.
  3. Now on the registration page enter your date of birth, national insurance number and postcode.
  4. Now create your password and confirm the password.
  5. At last click on Register.
First Visit RegistrationRegister Here

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About PMP

PMP is a part of the Cordant group. PMP is a recruitment agency that provides recruitments services in the United Kingdom. PMP provides managed services, temporary and permanent recruitment, on-site solution, and client support services all across the UK.

PMP provides vacancies on retail distribution, supply chain & logistics, goods & agriculture, specialist manufacturing, and warehousing.

PMP is a globally recognized recruitment provider and PMP has expertise and knowledge in the recruitment field that helps PMP to connect with Leading companies of the UK & world. PMP provides its recruitment services to amazon, Nestle, Tesco, Del Monte, and many more big companies. 

Final Words

In this article, you get the complete guide about the PMP Payslip login and registration. In case you have any further queries then you can comment here or can contact your Team Manager.

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