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MySerco payslip portal is online where the processing of MySerco payroll, and pension, take place along with the activities related to account management.

Yet, only registered Serco employees can engage with the services available at its official site viz.,, of MySerco payslip.

As a matter of fact, the only users authorized to visit the portal and make use of its services are the employees at Serco. So, any individual, including unregistered Serco employees is denied access to the resources available beyond the My Serco portal.

MySerco Login Requirements

Identification of every visitor is crucial in order to restrict unauthorized access. Consequently, is it necessary even for the Serco colleagues to provide details for their identification?

And there are specific details that will be verified at the portal. The portal only accepts the following credentials for user verification.

  • Username.
  • Password.

MySerco Payslip Login Online Process

For every employee registered with the MySerco payslips portal, there is this login process that will allow them to proceed further than the homepage of the Serco payslips UK portal.

In other words, you will have exclusive access to your personal MySerco account, including additional personal details. The login process in its entirety includes the following measures.

  • First, you need to access the MySerco Payslips portal, so go to
  • If you clicked on the link then the Serco My Account page will open.
  • Here you have to tap on the Login option.
  • When the next page opens enter your Username and press Next.
  • Now, you have to enter your login Password.
MySerco Payslips
MySerco Payslips
  • Finally, click on the Sign In/login option to complete your login.
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Reset My Serco UK Login Forgotten Password :

With proper instructions, any individual shall be able to reset My Serco login password at any given moment. A new password created during the resetting process is the end result of the following steps coming together as the official procedure.

  • You will find the appropriate tool to reset your password at the My Serco payslip portal.
  • Proceed further with a click on the Login option.
  • When the login page opens tap on Can’t Access Your Account.
  • Select Work or School Account.
  • The next page will require your email address.
  • You also need to enter the Captcha code before you can tap Next.
  • Finally, you can reset your password by following the instructions sent by the portal.

Register New Account With My Serco UK

To register a new account with the MySerco portal various requirements must be met. Such as the link to the official registration portal, and applicant details mentioned below.

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Employee ID/Number.
  • Email Address.
  • NI Number.

Finally, as the rule states to set up a new account, completion of the registration guided by the following instruction is mandatory.

  • Therefore, any applicant has to visit MySerco Portal, in order to open the registration portal.
  • At Serco, a simple tap on the Create New Account will redirect you to the registration page.
  • It is on this page where you need to provide the personal information that is required.
  • Tap on Submit to receive a Verification PIN through an SMS.
  • Enter the PIN received in the appropriate field before you click on Register to proceed.
  • When your registration is complete a confirmation e-mail will be sent.

My Serco Payslips UK Support Center:

Since the Serco payslips fall under the responsibility of Serco HR, thus any concern regarding payslips can be taken to HR.

And to contact Serco HR and obtain appropriate information the following contact details will be necessary.

Support Desk Number: 1800 115 536.

Helpdesk Email:

Serco Payslips Portal Benefits For Serco Employees:

  • The platform gives them complete control over the management of accounts.
  • Pay information, bonus, and overtime pay details can be accessed.
  • Employee scheduling, total working hours, number of working days, and holidays can be checked.
  • Details related to employee discounts, and rewards will be available.
  • Online time off and sick leave can be requested, etc.


How can I recover the Serco UK Login Username?

Recovering a forgotten MySerco Login username doesn’t take much effort. Since all you need to do is either check your payslip that you have downloaded or contact the service desk.

Where can I find My Serco Payroll Number?

The payroll number along with other personal information of an employee are mentioned in the payslips. So, you download the payslip to know your payroll number. And it’s alternative is to get in touch with the My Serco support center.

About Serco Group Plc

Founded as RCA Services Ltd., in 1929, Serco Group plc is a multi-national British company headquartered in Hook, Hampshire, England. This company is a primary contractor for different sectors such as health, transportation, immigration, space, defense, etc.

Basically, the provision of government services is the primary source of revenue for the company.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Serco Group plc is also present in the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, North America, and Continental Europe. In fact, 55% revenue and 75% profit of the company come from its operations overseas.


Reading this entire article will be of utmost importance since there is information covering MySerco payslips login, Serco UK registration, and other relevant details. And you can also leave a comment below if you are looking for other relevant details.

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