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My Costa Learning: Objectively speaking, the MyCosta Learning portal acts as the link that connects Costa employees with the MyCostaLearning system. This e-learning platform supports Costa Coffee employees with learning content for their personal training for professional development.

As per access to the MyCosta e-learning system is concerned, only employees of Costa Coffee will have exclusive access. In fact, the platform has been custom designed and developed especially for the respective employees.

Lastly, to ensure only authorized users are granted access to the MyCosta elearning services and their contents, necessary rules have been put in place. Eventually, these rules are applicable to each and every visitor inclusive of Costa employees.

Nevertheless, in case the user has been granted access to the learning system, initially, the user can access the Costa learning account. Details related to the learning schedule/timesheet, certificates, learning contents, assignment deadlines, and attendance records, are also accessible.

MyCosta Learning Login Requirements

One of the principle rules with respect to MyCosta learning login involves personal users’ login credentials. Such is the significance of these login credentials, that without them login is not possible.

In simple words, you will not be able to log in, without the credentials mentioned below.

  • Employee Number/Email Address.
  • Password.

My Costa Learning Online Login Guide

For the MyCosta learning log in the employees can depend upon the guidelines that can be found here below. These guidelines or rather instructions mirror the official login procedure which has been customized specifically for user login at the Learning portal.

Hence, employees cannot ignore these steps;

  • The login process begins by visiting the My Costa Learning page at
  • On the homepage, you will find the login field.
  • So, first, you have to enter Employee No. or Email Address and then your Password.
My Costa Learning Login
My Costa Learning Login
  • Upon entering the credentials you can click on the login option.
  • It takes a moment for the portal to verify and grant you further access.
eLearning LoginVisit Here

MyCostaLearning Login Password Reset Steps

By submitting your personal employee number or email address, you can reset your password with some assistance from the portal.

However, the entire process to reset the login password is made up of the following stages in the respective order.

  • You need to visit the Learning Login page.
  • Once you reach the homepage find “Forgotten Your Employee Number Or Password“.
  • And to proceed further you have to click on the above option.
  • A new page will open where the Employee Number or Email Address has to be entered.
  • Click on the Search option.
  • The portal then searches for your details in the database.
  • Once the portal finds your details, it will provide you with further instructions.


Employees who are unable to log in due to unknown reasons can request the assistance of the Costa learning support team.

In fact, you can contact the support team for any concern, issue, or problem regarding the Costa elearning.

Support Email:

MyCosta Portal Benefits For Employees

Since the Costa e-learning system has been designed to assist Costa Coffee employees as they go through training to attain professional development.

There are other features and tools which make the system rather convenient. For instance, the My Costa login portal hides the following benefits:

  • The portal ensures that access to its services is open 24/7 for the employees.
  • Protects user information while providing employees with their privacy.
  • It brings a significant amount of learning content and resources to the employees.
  • Details related to the training schedule, and learning timesheet, will be available to the users.
  • Personal certificates, attendance records, and records of absence can be accessed.
  • Users can also use its interactive features for communication.

More Guide

About Costa Coffee

Sergio Costa is the founder of the British coffeehouse chain, Costa Coffee. Founded in 1971, in London, the headquarter is located in Dunstable, England, United Kingdom.

Costa Coffee presently is a subsidiary since it was bought by The Coca-Cola Company in 2019, from Whitbread which originally acquired Costa Coffee in 1995.

Costa Coffee operates its coffeehouse chain across 3,883 locations in more than 31 countries. Primarily, products such as coffee, tea, sandwiches, sweet snacks, and iced drinks are served.

In addition to its coffeehouse chain, Costa Coffee also owns numerous restaurants, 6,00 Costa Express, and 1,280 outlets overseas. A total of 18,412 employees are under its payroll.


How can I find My Costa Learning Login Employee Number?

In such cases, the portal which can help the employee find their employee number demands to go through the following;

  • On the Learning login page, you can find the appropriate option.
  • In other words at the portal click on “Forgotten Your Employee Number Or Password“.
  • Enter your Email Address when the next page opens.
  • Then tap on Search.
  • Finally, you should have your Employee Number.

Where can I register for My Costa Learning?

The registration of new employees is taken care of by the team responsible for such a task. And as per the registration guidelines, every unregistered user must be aware of the following;

  • By the evening of your first day of employment, your profile will be created.
  • However, you can access your account only from your 2nd day.


To avail yourself of the MyCosta Learning platform, an employee will need every information related to login, reset login password, registration, etc. Well in this article you should be able to find any information that you desire. Comment below for more information will be helpful for further updates.

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