Medex eLearning Online Training Login

Any individual who wants to log in at the Medex eLearning website but doesn’t have the necessary information should check out this article. This article holds other information concerning the Medex e-learning account.

For instance, you will find accurate instructions on Medex’s forgotten password recovery. Similarly, this article can also provide you with the correct Medex contact number.

Now, those who do not have a Medex account and need to set up a new account can read the full description of Medex registration. Along with the procedure do check out the requirements for your registration.

Medex eLearning Login

As an e-learning online platform, Medex maintains a user database. In other words, it maintains the individual and personal accounts of its users.

So, given the importance of user login, it is extremely important for users to have a clear understanding of the process.

STEP 1. Visit the Medex eLearning website at

STEP 2. On the Medex Training website on the top right concern click on Login.

Medex eLearning
Medex eLearning

STEP 3. The Medex Login page will appear on your screen.

Medex Training
Medex Training

STEP 4. You can then enter your Username and Password.

STEP 5. Tap on the Sign In option.

STEP 6. Once your login is complete you will then have access to your Medex account.

Medex LearningVisit Here
Medex e-Learning Portal

How To Reset Medex Training Login Password?

If you are unable to log in at the Medex eLearning portal then you will find the following information on Medex password reset quite helpful. Such information can help you reset your password when you are unable to remember it.

So, as per the information required is concerned you will need your email account or username. However, to successfully reset Medex forgotten password users are required to follow the given steps.

  1. Go to their Medex e-learning at
  2. Then click on the Login option.
  3. Now the login page should appear on your screen.
  4. You then have to click on Forgot Password.
  5. A new page will be displayed.
  6. Here enter your Username or Email Address.
  7. To proceed click on Email Reset Link.
  8. You will then receive the link on your email account.
  9. Click on the link to open the page.
  10. Then you can finally, reset your password.

Medex Website Account Sign Up Register

Any individual who isn’t registered with Medex e-learning can find the registration process in its entirety. So, to know how to complete Medex register new account do read till the end.

During the registration, users are required to enter their name, and email address, and create a log in password. And this information is mandatory meaning it must be provided for creating Medex new account.

If you want to at least take a look at the entire registration process then you can read the following. The following steps are provided based on the procedure set up for new Medex new account sign-up.

  1. Visit the Medex Training portal at
  2. Tap on the Register option that you see on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Now, the registration form will be displayed.
  4. You can then enter your personal information and create a password.
  5. Click on the Terms of Service declaration box.
  6. You can then tap on the Sign Up option.
  7. Once completed you will receive a confirmation message.

More Guide

LMS Medex e-Learning Contact Information

Along with the information on Medex login, forgotten password, and new account, you can add yet another detail. Such detail or rather the contact information of Medex support will only help the user at times when required.

To be specific having the Medex helpdesk contact information can be useful for those who want help when they are facing login issues. Basically, the helpdesk can assist users with any issue that concerns Medex e-learning.

So, if you do not have the contact details of the Medex support center with you then you can find them below. Therefore, take note of the information that you find below so that you can get in touch with the helpdesk when necessary.


To ensure that concerned individuals are able to find the information they can rely upon in this article every detail is based on information available on the Medex website. Hence, with this information, you should be able to know everything related to Medex login, forgotten password, and Medex sign up among others. For more information do leave a comment.

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