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The extra personnel payslips portal is the place where you will get EP payslips and any P60s. For all the new employees who did not use the portal before then first, you must set up your new account. If you are a registered user then you can use the portal by entering your username and password.

The extra personnel portal integrates with your existing payroll software to provide a secure payslip. This online web portal has developed the help its employee check their personal information or payslip details online.

Extra personnel payslips are the best way to generate a monthly salary slip. Epayslips are cost-effective, secure, and paperless. This can save money and the environment. You do not need a hard copy or paper slip to check your account statement. You simply need to log in to your account and print the pdf to check the complete details.

Extra Personnel Payslip Portal Login – MyExtra

All the employees of extra personnel who want to check their weekly or monthly payslips, visit the official EP payslip application and log in to access your payslips.

You need some login credentials like your login username and password. Your username and password are on the last payslip you received by post. Note down the username and password for further login.

If you don’t have a username and password then email to Extra Personnel portal helpline staff. When you email then provide your contact number in the email. The extra personnel support team will contact you soon for the username or other difficulties logging in.

STEP 1. Go to a sufficient browser and search www.extrapersonnel.co.uk.

STEP 2. On the homepage click on the MyExtra Portal Login option.

Extra Personnel Payslips
Extra Personnel Payslips

STEP 3. Once you click on the link then a new page will open.

STEP 4. Now enter your Username, and password, and hit on log in to submit your login request.

STEP 5. Now in your profile dashboard click on view payslip and check the payslip.

EP PayslipsView Here
Extra Personnel Websitehttps://www.ep-payslips.co.uk/

Extra Personnel Payslips Login Password Reset Steps

A forgotten password is a common thing and we all forgot our important passwords sometimes. If you forget your password then don’t worry, you can easily change your forgotten password by following some basic steps.

STEP 1. First, visit the official website of Extra Personnel i.e. ep-payslips.co.uk or extrapersonnel.co.uk.

STEP 2. Right now, can you see the Reset my password option? Click on that option.

STEP 3. Once you click on the option a new page will open. Now enter your Username or clock number and then click on Reset Password Button.

NOTE: You will get a new password on your mobile number if your number will found on the record. If for any reason you are having problems then contact the payslip portal helpline number 01922 705644 (Mon to Fri 9:00 – 17:30).


If you have any queries related to your payslip then here is the helpdesk number.

Helpdesk: 01922 705 644 Available during normal office hours (09:00 – 17:30 Mon to Fri).


How do I access the extra personnel payslip portal?
To access your payslip you first need to login into your account and then on the home page, your payslips are listed in the table. From the table choose your newest payslips and then click on the view button. If you want to check your older payslips then use the page numbers at the bottom of the table.

Can I print my ep payslips?
Yes, you can print your ep-payslips. First, you need to open the payslip pdf file in Adobe Reader. After this print the payslip using the print button in Adobe Reader, or by clicking File>Print.

Will I be able to access my payslips if I leave my current employment?
No, if you leave the job then you can’t access the payslip. You will only have access to the payslip portal during your current employment. Get your ep payslips before leaving the job.

Can I change my password or reset a forgotten password?
Yes, you can retrieve a new password or change the old password. You need your username and clock number to reset your password.

About Extra Personnel

Established in 1992 Extra Personnel has become one of the big names in the recruitment business in the United Kingdom. Its headquarter is located at Forster House, Hatherton Road, Walsall, WS1 1X. It is a part of the Staffing Group.

And with high success, the company has become the 35th largest recruitment business in the United Kingdom.

There are more than 113 group locations and 14 regional service centers. Along with regional service centers the company also has 20 Extra Personnel clients on-site.

The company offers the best employment opportunities. It provides workforce solutions to its clients from the private and public sectors of all sizes.

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