Bradford Council Payslips

The Bradford council payslips ESS portal allows you to log in, reset your password, receive pin reminders, and generate payslips / P60s online through the system. The  Bradford council payroll software was developed by considering employee benefits.

Now Bradford E-payslip web page is very easy and convenient to use. So, without visiting any account cell or say payslip support team office, check your digital payslip by yourself.

The Bradford council employees’ payment description is available on the paystub web portal. Which is the best-known path to know and receive their digital payslips and other personal details electronically.

The Bradford council payroll portal is only for authorized users, who have data(login details) to access their online salary slips.

Bradford Council Payslips Online

As we know the Bradford Council E-payslip is easy to view with any internet-enabled device. Take a device (laptop / PC, mobile phone, or tablet), connect your device to the net, and go ahead with the given below process.

Here, I will guide you! How can you use the Bradford ESS web page to access your digital salary receipt? Bradford has an employee self-service website, mainly for the workforce of Bradford, by means of this ESS you should open your payslip on your device and save it for further use.

Let’s understand how to do it:

STEP 1. Visit the Bradford payroll portal i.e.

STEP 2. Then click on the View Payslip option.

STEP 3. Hereafter you will see a Login Page.

STEP 4. Keep logging in with your username, password, and PIN.

Bradford Council Payslips
Bradford Council Payslips

STEP 5. When you entered all the login details collectively then click on the login button. Now you will be redirected to your personal profile page.

STEP 6. Now check your payslip easily.

Bradford Council PayslipsVisit Here
Payslip Bradford Portal

Bradford Council Payslip Registration – New User

Non-registered employees, keep registering on the Bradford payroll portal. first-time loggers of the Bradford portal, you should have been issued two letters or emails from the official Bradford council.

In the first email or letter, you will receive your username and password details and in the second letter or email, you will get the four-digit PIN. These details are required for Bradford council login.

If did not receive these documents then contact the E-payslips team at 01274433939.

Employees who are going to log in for the first time must take care of these things: 

  • First of all, make sure that you are using a valid website for login.
  • Secondly, certify or ensure that you have used the correct login credential(username, password, and pin).
  •  If you have forgotten this login information then, ring the appropriate Bradford e-payslip support team contact number.

Forgotten Password

Guys, let’s know how to recover or reset the forgotten login password without any technical issues. Here I will guide you, on how to make a new password after forgetting it or generally for security purposes.

Bradford employees who have forgotten the login password and face difficulties resetting the new login password. Do not contact the E-payslip support team, just follow the Reset My Password. instruction and recover your password.

Payslip / P60 Queries

If you have any misdoubt about your Payslip, P60, payroll number, Login PIN, Username, and Password please contact to internal external payroll team:

  • Internal Payroll (Council employees) – 01274 432415
  • External Payroll (Education and External Businesses) – 01274 432428

More Guide


How will I access the new system?
Without receiving a letter or email from the Bradford council you will not able to access the system. This process has started in the last months, you should have received 2 letters detailing your new log-on credentials. Here is the new portal link

Why is Bradford getting a new e-payslip system?
The main reason is to provide advanced functions. With the help of this new payroll software employees are able to reset their own passwords, and receive PIN reminders. These things are done without contact with the support team.

About Bradford Council

Bradford is a public sector organization, responsible for a range of services. Bradford Council provides services that benefit the people living in the Bradford district. Some of these services include education, housing, environmental protection, social care, etc.

So, the primary priority of BMDC is to ensure that the local people have access to such facilities. Bradford Metropolitan District Council is a local government body that governs the City of Bradford in West Yorkshire.

The BMDC was founded on 1st April 1974. Bradford is one of the five metropolitan district councils in West Yorkshire. And also one of the 36 metropolitan countries in England.

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